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IronClad Web Technologies is a Canadian based web application development company, providing full service website development, as well as building and operating a variety of it's own in-house web applications, with a focus on cryptocurrency related projects.

Below you will find a list of services which you can request from us. Standard requests cost either 1 IRONCLADWEB token or $15 worth of BTC to submit, which is primarily used as an anti-spam filter. If we provide you with any services, any submission fees paid are subtracted directly from your final bill. Paid requests receive highest response priority, but we can always be contacted directly via

To get the best pricing (and beta access!) for our in-house web applications, pre-pay for future work or services, or to gain access to our Token Controlled Access blog and forums... we highly recommend purchasing some IRONCLADWEB tokens, which can be purchased from our swapbot, with bulk purchasing also available

Click here for more information about IRONCLADWEB tokens

IronClad Web Technologies reserves the right to refuse any work or general service for any reason, as well as reserves the right to schedule and prioritize work as it sees fit.

What can we do for you?

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