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Age of Rust - Devastation Card #008

Age of Rust Blockchain Game Cards

RustChain Cards offer players the ability to collect, trade, and use cards in the game. These cards will also be on the blockchain as a limited series of digital tokens to trade outside the game. Cards can used in the game to award players special items and capabilities in the game. An example would be +1 to attack and +10 to armor or access to special areas in the game.

Devastation You've discovered a bit a hidden tech that disrupts the processing and command capabilities of the mechs. Turning it on causes them to freeze up or shut down for a brief period of time. While they are stuck in a feedback loop, you unleash a deadly volley of brutal weapons fire into their dark cold metal soulless bodies. You unleash a devastating assault that they may never rise from again.

Card 008 Devastation, will be available on the blockchain a limited supply of 1000 cards. RustChain cards can be collected, traded, and used in Age of Rust

Packages available: 274


Minimum: 1