"Love and Liberty" Autographed CD

"Love and Liberty" Autographed CD

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Tatiana's 2nd album - with songs by Tatiana Moroz and Will Hensley. Some covers.

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  1. Let It Go Tatiana Moroz 3:28
  2. News Report Tatiana Moroz 4:45
  3. Heart of Gold Neil Young 3:03
  4. I Tried to Reach You Tatiana Moroz 3:27
  5. I Don't Know You Anymore Tatiana Moroz 3:53
  6. Leaving Tomorrow Tatiana Moroz 2:54
  7. Rita Tatiana Moroz 3:02
  8. House of the Rising Sun (traditional folk song) 3:34
  9. Make a Youtube Video Tatiana Moroz 3:43
  10. Masters of War Bob Dylan 4:25
  11. Playin the Cards Tatiana Moroz 4:04
  12. Evolution to Revolution Tatiana Moroz 3:20

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