LTBCOIN to POE Conversion

1% of the POE supply has been allocated to the LTBCOIN community! You will recieve 6.64 POE for every 100 LTBCOIN you deposit.

Exchange your LTBCOIN for POE tokens from the Project and get bonus discounted access to Tokenly's upcoming TEKK event!

All LTBCOIN swapped will be retired to a new, provable "Burn" address

Tokenly Pockets / LTB Companion Chrome Extension Wallet Users: Please see these instructions to redeem your tokens.

POE Tokens will be delivered within 30 days of the end of the Crowdsale, which begins August 8th 2017

Full Token Sale Information

Swap Instructions

Where it says "Quantity" enter the amount of LTBCOIN you wish to swap for POE.

If you have 19,283.9 LTBCOIN, you should enter 19283 as partial LTBCOIN are not accepted in this swap.

If you have questions or need help, email

Maximum: 100000000