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The Augmentors Crowdsale

This package contains 6,700 DataBits and one Champion token.

All DataBits and Tokens will be delivered to your Counterparty Compatible bitcoin address specified during checkout, within one month of the close of the sale.

Note: Shapeshift payers please allow an extra 1-2 hours for payment confirmation.

The Fine Print “Augmentors’ Token purchasing system is powered by Tokenly, Inc. (“Vendor”). If you have any issues with DataBits or any of our products and services, Augmentors will be the party responsible for resolving any claims you may have for defects with this website or the products or services offered by Augmentors, lost data, data privacy breaches, refunds, transfers of DataBits or other products and any related transfer fee charges, issues arising from unsold DataBits or their handling, or other problems with the use of these items (“Claims”), subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the purchasing of DataBits from Augmentors. By using our store, you agree that Augmentors will be solely liable for any Claims and that the Vendor shall have no liability to you for any Claims. The Vendor is a third party beneficiary of these terms.

When you use the store to purchase DataBits or other tokens to obtain creatures, relics or skins (“Tokens”), you will initially receive an email receipt for the Tokens you purchase (the “Package”) in exchange for your Bitcoins, which shall be transferred at the time of purchase to a wallet operated by the Vendor. Your payment is non-refundable at the time of purchase. At the time of your purchase you will be asked to provide personal information to allow the Vendor to deliver the Package you purchased; by using our store, you agree that you are giving the Vendor permission to receive, store and use such information in order to deliver your Package to you. The Vendor will not have the right to use or sell your personal information. Your Package will be delivered to a wallet you obtain on your own using our Vendor’s software within one calendar month after our crowdfunding campaign is complete on February 28, 2017 (the “Campaign End Date”). In simple terms, this means that you won’t immediately receive any Tokens – you will receive them on the Campaign End Date. If there are delays in delivery or issues with counterparty networks, you agree that neither Augmentors nor Vendor shall be liable with respect to any claims arising from such issues.”

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