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Streaming Access Token - Happy Birthday EP

Purchase this item to receive a "Digital Album" token that grants access to the five song EP "A Little Color" on the upcoming Token.FM streaming music service. This token may be transferred or resold to transfer access to associated music.

This is the collectible access token of the second collection of music released by Adam B. Levine under the project name "Mind To Matter"

This digital EP introduces four new instrumental songs, including a 24 minute relaxation track. The Happy Birthday EP also features the first Mind to Matter song with Vocals (#2 - Lessons)

  1. Skipping Stones - 5:05
  2. Lessons - 4:22
  3. Born to Roam - 8:18
  4. What Little I Know - 4:29
  5. Flow - 24:21

Packages available: 995


Minimum: 1