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Super Tatiana Fan Token - Gives You All Albums!

This campaign prize very, very special. It gives access to ALL of Tatiana's albums through the digital album tokens on Tokenly, including the "Keep The Faith" digital album token, and membership in the TatianaCoin/Tokenly ecosystem with loads of upcoming features! Keep in mind the "Keep The Faith" album won't be released until March 2017, but with this token you automatically get access to the first single from the album: "The Bitcoin Jingle" (Full Band Version), along with other singles as they're released, then in March the complete album...think of it as the future of pre-ordering! But while you wait, you also get access to all of Tatiana's other albums with their bonuses, including:

  1. Tatiana
  2. For The New Year EP
  3. Fall In August Live EP
  4. Love and Liberty

This is the ultimate token for the ultimate Tatiana fan!

NOTE: "Keep The Faith" will not be released until March 2017. The full album will not be available digitally until closer to that time, and shipment of physical CDs and special packages will not begin fulfillment until after the album's release.

NOTE: Album tokens require a special wallet. Set up a free wallet at https://wallet.tokenpockets.com and create a free Tokenpass account at https://tokenpass.tokenly.com/auth/register now!

Packages available: 496