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Voiceover for explainer video or phone greeting by Stephanie Murphy

What is offered: A professional quality voice recording for an explainer video or a phone greeting, by Stephanie.

How much to order**

Pricing is by 30 second (80 word) increment of finished audio, so for example if your script is for a 2-minute video please order and pay for four of this item. (4 x 30 seconds = 2 minutes)

What to expect: The recording will be completed within 2 days of Stephanie receiving the script, and can be delivered in any audio format you specify (WAV, mp3, etc.)

Young adult female voice with a neutral American accent; friendly, conversational delivery. Languages spoken: English (native speaker) and Spanish (competent but not fluent). I have voiced several dozens of explainer videos and phone systems for companies and individuals, and hundreds of other voiceover projects.

See more information and hear audio demos at SMVoice.info.

Scripts are subject to Stephanie's approval. Scripts that may not be approved include but are not limited to: those in languages other than English or Spanish, those that exceed the length requirements, religious content, political content, endorsements, scripts for other use types besides web video and phone greeting (such as radio or TV ads, rates are different).


To the bidder:

1) Please paste the script when directed during checkout.

2) Please describe any direction (i.e. pace, tone, adjectives to describe how you want the voiceover to sound).

3) If you have any requirements for the audio format, please list them here (i.e. WAV, mp3, AIFF, 8 kHz, u-law, mono, stereo etc.) My default is to deliver the audio in mono WAV format, 48 kHz.

4) Please tell me the best way to get in touch with you and contact information (email, Skype, phone, etc.)

Thank you for your interest! I look forward to working with you on your project!

Quantity Available: 9

Maximum: 20